Triple Joint Crisis Committee - The Alien Universe: The Weyland, Jutuo, and Yutani Board of Directors, 2095


This committee will…

Take place in the fictional Alien Universe. It will simulate the Board of Directors of the main companies in the storyline: the Weyland Corporation, Jutuo Corporation, and the Yutani Corporation. Two years after the exploration vessel, the USCSS Prometheus, was supposed to reach the moon LV-223, the Boards of Directors of these corporations meet to discuss the future of their companies.

With Founder and CEO Peter Weyland missing and his only heir, Meredith Vickers, aboard the Prometheus, Weyland Corporation is without leadership. Weyland Corporation must now find new leadership while fending off their other two competitors as Jutuo and Yutani seek to grow their market share.

Delegates will represent fictional characters that make up the Board of Directors of these companies and will have to work constructively to address problems as well as react accordingly to challenging crisis updates. The boards will focus on maintaining the wellbeing and progress of their companies through corporate decision making and asset building, while trying to expand their market share and up their share price. Prospective delegates should be well-versed in business and economics and should have a general knowledge of investments, stocks, corporate governance and corporate management. This committee will offer delegates an intriguing fusion of the experience of a fast-paced corporate governance setting with a science fiction thematic.

Please note that this committee will be considered a real-time corporate case competition and will have a seperate procedure that better relates BoD rules and procedures.