Who can participate?

As YUMUN 2020 is a collegiate-level MUN conference, only students at post-secondary institutions (college and university) are able to participate in this conference as delegates. If you are a student at York University (Glendon included), you are unable to participate as a delegate. Instead, you are able to participate as a staffer or volunteer.

High-school students are also able to participate, but only as volunteers. Volunteer applications will be posted on all YUMUN social media once they are made available, closer to the date of the conference.


How big does my delegation have to be?

In order for your post-secondary institution to reach delegation status at our conference, your college or university must send at least 6 students. Teams made up of under 6 delegates cannot compete for delegation awards and will be regarded as independent candidates. Those attending alone may also compete, but only as independent delegates.


When should we apply, and when will we get out allotments?

The sooner you apply, the better. Committee allotments will be given out on a rolling basis after the date of November 1st, 2019.

Delegations are able to register themselves even if they know that they don’t know their final delegate count, as long as they know they’ll be sending a delegation above 6 to YUMUN 2020. Registering early, allows for the delegation to pay lower delegate fees, as well as get their allotments immediately or soon after they register and pay for their delegates.

Starting on November 1st, 2019, delegations who have paid their delegation fee and delegate fees will begin to receive their allotments.


What’s different about YUMUN?

YUMUN 2020 is a conference that tries to be as innovative and forward thinking as possible. That is why we implemented the following initiatives into our MUN:

Environment Friendly - YUMUN 2020 will feature a paperless messaging system across all committees as well as eco-friendly merchandise.

Teamwork - A heavy emphasis will be put on delegation teamwork. Delegations will be assigned certain countries and allotments across our 10 committees. Delegations will then be assessed based on how well their delegates represent the same country or countries across committees and whether they contradict each other or not.

Networking - Delegates in all General Assemblies (GAs), will have the opportunity to network with diplomats, business leaders and YUMUN/IRSAY staff at our Evening Mixer. Diplomats from 30+ countries will be in attendance, in addition to business leaders from the finance, legal, educational and non-profit sectors.

Academic & Realistic - All content developed by YUMUN 2020 has been created in part by a Professor or PhD student specializing in the field of that topic. This includes background guides, crisis updates and committee mandates.

Efficient - Electronic voting, electronic messaging and a more efficient and realistic set of rules and procedures has been adopted by the conference to waste less time on procedural matters, and give you more time to debate.


How can we pay?

Payments can be made via debit card, credit card, e-transfer or cheque. All payments must be made before the deadline. Please note that HST (13%) will also be charged. If paying by debit or credit, additional transaction fees may apply.