Alleviating Absolute Poverty - 2020


This committee will…

Include delegates representing influential figures, NGOs, charities, foundations, and ambassadors to nations. The key question will be how to address extreme poverty across the globe, defined here as earning less than the equivalent to 1.50 USD of income per day. Whether through technocratic solutions raised by the corporate sector, aid solutions raised by the charity sector, private contributions, or through social solutions raised by multilateral organizations, delegates must coordinate competing interests in the pursuit of poverty reduction.

This committee will focus on Effective Altruism, a philosophy and social movement which aims to use reason and evidence to maximize the "most good" that a person can do. But can a nebulous utilitarian optimism provide a sufficient moral framework to prevent harm? Or is altruism only effective outside of its blind spots? This committee will operate in a symposium style which will be outlined in the mechanics guide.