YUMUN 2020 is…

A collegiate-level Model UN Conference taking place between February 27th - March 1st, 2020 at York University in Toronto, Canada. Hosted by its parent organization, IRSAY, YUMUN 2020 is York University's first ever collegiate-level MUN conference.

Having 10 committees, YUMUN will host teams from around the world during its 4 days of lively debate and fun socials. YUMUN 2020 will be the first collegiate-level conference to feature paperless inter-delegate communications, resolutions and crisis notes. In addition, the conference will feature other environmentally friendly initiatives, such as sustainablly-sourced merchandise and a charity drive for a charitable organization that helps protect the environment.

Having an innovative approach on MUN, the conference will adopt a new set of rules and procedures that better reflect the real United Nations rules and procedures, cut down on the time wasted in procedures, while not being to different than the parliamentary-style rules and procedures.